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The Forever lighter is a fully rechargeable, 100% butane-free electric lighter that features dual-arch technology. The USB rechargerable lighter (USB Cord Included) provides a powerful and even burning ignition that can light upto 300 times on a single 45-minute charge.  This lighter looks and feels great in your hand. 


The wind and splash proof Forever lighter is equipment with illuminated battery power indicator technology (220mAh). It is modern and ergonomic design makes it perfect for your smoking pleasures. The Eco-friendly Forever lighter instantly ignites without any side taste or toxins associated with butane lighters and delivers a consistent and powerful tempeture to meet your smoking needs. 


The endless rechargeable lighter is activated with a touch of the power button and will perform perfectly in both wet and windy outdoor conditions.  The Forever lighter makes a great gift for a fellow smoker, saves you money, and comes boxed with an included USB charger. 


Dont miss out and order your very own Forever lighter today for an unbeatable price.



Forever Lighters

Select Lighter Color
    • Endlessly rechargable
    • 200-300 lights before a single 45 minute charge
    • Color Options: Matte Black, Brushed Gold
    • Perfect for lighting most thing
    • Wind and Water Proof
    • Butane-free
    • Flameless ignition
    • USB Charging equipment included
    • Ergonomic and portable design
    • Made from quality material
    • Color: Brushed Gold or Matte Black
    • Weight: 0.75g
    • Matieral: Zinc Allow
    • Battery: 220mAh

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